Quip: A Novel

Some people think they have lived a past life: Simon Thomas  is living one. An experimental drug unlocks a man’s genetic memories with deadly consequences for the woman he loves.  “Quip” is a suspense novel  set against an historical drama solidly grounded in cognitive science and 19th century history.

In the summer of 1892 in the town of Homestead, Pennsylvania, a bloody battle took place between striking steel workers and Pinkerton agents hired to crush their union by the world’s richest man, Andrew Carnegie.  In the waning days of the conflict, Irish immigrant Payton Adams was murdered under mysterious circumstances.  One hundred years later, Payton’s great-grandson, Simon Thomas, is haunted by a recurring nightmare in which he experiences Payton’s death as his own.

Simon, history professor, husband of an African-American attorney, and father of identical twin girls, seeks psychiatric help and learns his brain harbors genetically inherited memories of Payton’s violent death.  Facing mental breakdown unless these genetic memories are brought forth in their entirety, Simon agrees to be treated with an experimental drug called “Quip.”

Inside a unique sensory deprivation tank, under an injection of Quip, Simon relives Payton’s memories and discovers his great-grandfather was an Irish terrorist smuggled into this country by the Fenian underground to assassinate Carnegie.  Unleashing Payton’s memories has the unexpected consequence of unleashing his cold-blooded killer’s personality as well and results in an increasingly violent struggle for control of Simon’s mind.

A pdf of Quip can be downloaded here

(Red Door photo by Roy Kaltschmidt)