I have lived among scientists, studied their ways and written about their work for more than 40 years. There are few scientific topics at the public forefront today that I have not covered. It has been my great good fortune to have dined with Stephen Hawking, argued with Steven Chu, been awoken at 3 A.M. by George Smoot when he won his Nobel Prize, and hugged Saul Perlmutter on the night he won his. As a science writer since 1984 at the legendary Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory I have learned from some of the finest scientific minds this nation ever produced. Where else could a writer receive one-on-one tutorials from the storied likes of Glenn Seaborg, Owen Chamberlain, George Pimentel and the incandescent Luis Alvarez?

In addition to my work with Berkeley Lab (as we call our laboratory so as to distinguish it from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, aka, “The Weapons Lab”), I have written extensively as a freelancer for newspapers, magazines, educational books and high tech firms. I edited the original revised standards for the K-12 science curriculum issued by the California Education Department, and for several years wrote the High Tech Bookshelf  for the San Jose Mercury News, a monthly column that entailed reviews and discourse on books about science and high technology.

I also write novels that I put a lot of time and effort into imagining and crafting but almost no time into publishing. These are cross-genre mixtures of mysteries (my favorite fiction), history (my favorite non-science subject) and science (my profession). At some point, one these novels will be posted on this Website.

Speaking about this Website, one of my favorite science fiction shows (until it jumped the shark in its final seasons) was the X-Files whose touchstone slogan was: The truth is out there. The truth is out there and out there is where scientists are seeking it. In here is where you can come to read about what they are finding and why it ought to matter to you.

(The sunset over the San Francisco Bay Area image was shot by my friend and extraordinary photographer Roy Kaltschmidt. To see more of his fabulous images visit the Website at http://www.photosynchronicity.com/